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Mimo onboarding

Motion design

The cover image for the Mimo project displaying the onboarding on three Apple Iphones.

Mimo onboarding

What is the project?

The Mimo onboarding project is a motion onboarding I made fully in Adobe XD, Illustrator & After Effects. It was a project for the module Motion Design at school. It has no connection with the actual app of Mimo, I just chose this app for my onboarding because I find it really helpful and it has a great user interface & experience.


I started with designing the onboarding pages in Adobe XD, this without any illustration, just wireframes, afterward with color. When I was done, I started creating the illustration in Adobe Illustrator, these illustrations were based on the actual Mimo illustrations, which can be found on the Mimo website. The purpose was to have the same style as the actual app, so the onboarding would perfectly fit. After this was done, I imported my XD screens and illustrations in Adobe After Effects and started to apply the motion to all elements with the help of different animation curves.

An image for the Mimo project displaying the introduction page of the onboarding on an Apple Iphone